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A territorial Buzz!

The past few weeks have been filled with the buzz of preparations for the Bridal Extravaganza, and getting our studio remodel finally to a point where we can function in the space. Unfortunately, those activities have run us very thin and we are all fighting one heck of an upper respiratory issue. Now that the show has been a huge success and there is time to rest, relax and regroup, I am finding that I am way behind on so many things, including blogging.

What prompted the title of this post are the gorgeous, energetic little humming birds that expell countless amounts of energy flitting around the nectar feeder that hangs outside of my office window. They are constantly trying to claim that feeder as their own, and when a “strange” bird decides to come join them for some sweet goodness, they buzz around and around the feeder trying to scare each other off. Don’t they know that the person who sits inside that window watching them will refill the feeder in the hopes that she can remain amused by their dance? Seems like a lot of exhaustion for really no resolution.

Sort of makes you wonder why there is a negative stigma attached to competition in the wedding/event industry. My motto.. lets all help each other! If we work together, we can accomplish so much more than if we sling hash and try to undermine each others progress.

Time for another cup of coffee!


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Are you tired of waiting?

Over the past few weeks I have heard from several of you that the number one thing you struggle with when searching for a Florist for your event, is that you have to wait.  What you all are telling me is that it is difficult to interview a potential florist, create a design plan and leave the shop not really knowing if your visit with them will be in your budget.  Not only do you have no clear picture of where the numbers will come in, but you aren’t even sure how long it will take to find out that information.   Often times, you end up waiting one week  to several weeks to find out.  Time is of the essence when planning your event.  The last thing you need to worry about is wasting time.  Communication is very important when designing the floral decor for an event.  If your florist can not provide a detailed estimate that is descriptive and paints a clear picture of what you will receive in a timely manner, then it is time to keep searching.

We have been wedding and Event Specialists for over 13 years now, and more often than not, our clients leave our design studio with an estimate in their hands! If your particular vision is very elaborate, we will discuss exactly when the estimate is to be expected.   Once  we deliver that estimate  our team will call you to discuss your thoughts and any questions that you may have.  Often times we will provide several photographic examples as well as line drawings of your designs with very descriptive details about your chosen flowers. We will then collaborate with you to adjust any items that you may need adjusting, often times meeting at your venue to get a clear picture of how your designs will be incorporated into the decor of the space.  Our constant focus is on your vision.  If you would like to see a mock up, you got it!  Unsure about the color of a specific flower that you chose, we will provide a sample.  A great florist who has a passion for their craft will not be offended by these requests, they will want to assure you that the flowers you are choosing are perfect!

It is my hope that you find the florist that will releive some of the stress of your floral design vision!  Happy planning!

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