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Bridal Show Advice for the Bride

‘Tis the season again, bridal season that is! As we approach next weekend’s highly anticipated Austin Bridal Extravaganza I wanted to give some bridal show browsing tips.  I recently attended a show with my newly engaged daughter and being that is way  my first show as a participant, browsing was a whole different ballpark!   I have observed many brides who were overwhelmed, but never quite experienced that myself until this visit.   Even though I am very familiar with the bridal world, and what information she needed, I still had no clue where to start. There were pile of people trying get to each booth.  Trying to successfully grab a business card you are sucked in to filling some door prize out, or setting up appointments and even listening to spiels from the vendors.  Don’t get me wrong, these prizes can be great and what they say could make or break booking that vendor. Follow these tips, not only from a wedding vendor but a Mother of the Bride’s perspective!

1.       Register online before you go, earlier the better. This skips you waiting in line to fill our paperwork at the door.

2.     Bring an appointment book, many vendors offer coupons or discounts if you book an appointment that day.

3.       Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, don’t bring the cute heels for this event, it is a large ballroom filled with people. Leave your coat in the car or check it at the hotel, what is worse than handling a huge purse, bag filled with goodies (Trust me we left with 4 bags filled with flyers, goodies and cards) and then also lugging around a coat.

4.       Leave the family at home, the little ones that is. There is nothing worse than trying to get to a crowded booth or through the isle than being blocked by a huge stroller.

5.      Print out address labels on sticker paper with your name, address, email, phone, and wedding date. This way you and your bridesmaids won’t spend 5 minutes at every booth entering for door prizes, or writing your contact information out for those vendors that you would like to contact you after the show.

6.       Keep a pen in your pocket easy reachable. When you taste the most amazing cake or see the most gorgeous gown in a catalog, write a star or quick note on their business card.  This way when you get home and empty your bags out you remember which stores you want to visit.

7.       Look first for vendors handing out bags, start there this way you can fill them up and not be stuck hands full of paper. Go around to all booths even if you think you know who you are booking for that category still grab business cards or flyers in case something happens like that vendor isn’t available for your date.

8. Enjoy the day.  How many times in your life will you plan your wedding.

These tips hopefully will help you feel less overwhelmed. Bridal shows are extremely informative and we vendors have a ton of knowledge to help you!   Go slow and keep your cool, talk to vendors even if there is a wait to reach their booth, you never know what help they may end up being.


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Blossom’s First DIY Bride

Donya, our Bride along with  her friends and family had a great time in the studio designing  centerpieces for her Wedding with a little help from Blossom.  Creamy white Carnations, and green “Kermit” poms were used in abundance to create the 18 wreaths for the guest tables.  The “Do it Yourself” concept allows a bride to come into the studio and design her own floral with help and is budget friendly.

DIY party

Once the centerpieces are completed, Donya had the option to take them home with her and place them on the tables herself, or store them in our large walk in floral cooler.  She chose to store them in the chilly environment and have us deliver them to her ceremony and reception site.  Here they are sitting pretty and waiting for their final destination.

Carnation and pom cernterpieces in the cooler waiting for the big day.

The  reception was held at The Mansion at Judges Hill.  We have had the joy of working with the awesome staff at the Mansion and are always excited at another chance.   The tables looked exquisite with navy blue and lime green table runners.  The Carnation and pom wreaths were placed around tall colored glass bottle vases that were adorned with silver beaded sprays jetting from the tops.  These were fun and economical centerpieces that looked far more costly than they were!

Festive DIY centerpieces!

The team made 18 wreaths at the DIY party, and when we were setting the tables, there were only 17… What to do with the last one?  Celia, a Blossom’s floral Designer,  came up with the fantastic idea to suspend the last arrangement around the squatty sweetheart tables vases for a unique twist on the design.  Way to get creative!

Cute squatty centerpiece

I have seen many candy bars in my days, but I liked this one so much, I had to share it with you.  The apothocary jars were filled with lime green and navy blue candies of all sorts.  Before we called it done and left the Mansion, Celia and I decided to help the family of the Bride finish up the presentation.  I think we ended up with a sugar rush!

Candy Bar

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Stacey’s Wedding

Blossom’s was honored  to be a part of Stacey’s wedding this weekend at Green Pastures. The day was beautiful and sunny, perfect for the ceremony which was held in an outdoor gazebo and looked stunning surrounded by white chairs.  The brick isle had a  heart and scroll shaped design of pale pink and ivory Rose petals. The brides bouquet was a mixture of pale pink spray roses, freesia and blush pink Peonies. The same flowers were carried over into the centerpieces with pink Hydrangea and babies breath added to the exquisite silver bowls. The head table was designed with a vase surrounded by pale pink Roses and pink Hydrangea waiting to receive the brides bouquet which was designed by her Grandmother .

heart shaped rose petals

Ceremony Gazebo

Vase ready to receive brides bouquet

Pink Roses and Hydrangea Centerpieces

Albino peacock

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Lyndsay and Kyle, Hamilton 12 October 10

Lyndsay came to meet me at the June Bridal Extravaganza.  Having a very solid idea of exactly what she wanted for flowers made our connection light and easy going.  She loved to coordinate purple and lavender with some white foundation for her bouquet.  The Bridesmaids (not pictured here) carried bouquets of all lavendar and purple tones.  Hot pink was brought in with the house parties posies of Gerber daisies that were elegently wrapped up with black satin ribbons.

Lyndsay and her Father approaching the altar

She has the sweetest spirit!

Lyndsays bouquet was an inspiration including; a base of hydrangea, Escimo Roses, Picasso Mini Calla lilies, Lavender Gem mini Calla lilies, and swooping lily grass loops.

Lyndsay's Bridal Bouquet

Gorgeous accents of lavender

Lysnday custom ordered her aisle runner from an independent supplier, and we adorned the sides with piles of white hot pink and lavender rose petals.

Their names and the Date were in the center!

Unique wedding runner

Here is the happy couple!



The altar was adorned with rustic wrought iron candelabra from Mancino Iron Works.

Thank you goes out to a fabulous Photojournalistic Photographer Rebel With A Camera.

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Announcing our Studio Remodel Project!!

Being a floral Designer has always seemed like a glamorous job. Most of the time the general perception is that being a designer is a beautiful and glorious job. The real truth is that although it is a very rewarding job indeed, it is often dirty. During the course of design, there is constantly water on most of the surfaces in the Studio. Combine that with leaves, cut stems, floral foam, tacky spray and spray paint, and what happens? You guessed it, things start to look dingy and Grey. Things just aren’t as pretty and enjoyable as they used to be.

Michael and I sat down a few weeks ago and decided what the important foundational upgrades would be, and might I say we made great progress! When we discussed decor, colors and accents, wouldn’t you know he suggested that we ask all of you for your input! What a fabulous idea! Having an interior design background is definitely a plus when undertaking such an event, but sometimes outside input is just the thing I need to find a new inspiration idea! Over the next four weeks, we are going to completely gut and redesign the Studio. Along the journey we will be posting our progress and photos and asking for your ideas and feedback.

The look and feel we want to create is a soothing and elegant space that will enhance the natual light necessary for accurate color representation when designing flowers. The space not only needs to function efficiently, but the way the light hits the floral and accents will ultimately either hinder or enhance our ability to color match to your bridal attire. Here are a few of our preliminary color design ideas for the space.

We are thinking of a warm earthy chestnut brown acid stain for the concrete. With that to visually ground the space, we want to have some fun with the wall colors. I am totally in love with green, but not certain whether I should encompas the entire room with it, or just use it as an accent. Here are a few inspiration photos to get the feedback going!

Moss green paint is fabulous and fun
Moss green paint is fabulous and fun

I absolutely love the green walls, and it matches our logo too!

Walnut Acid Satined Concrete
Walnut Acid Satined Concrete

The only difference in our floor will be that we don’t have as much shine as this one does due to the addition of the grit.

So… what do you think? Have any ideas about colors that might work? I would love to hear them!

Stay tuned to our “Whats Happening in the Studion Page” for more updates and photos of our progress. I am certain I will be out there helping the crew get things rolling this weekend.

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