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Chinese Flower Meanings

Chinese wedding flower traditions

Chinese weddings involve many symbolic acts, decorations and events, revolved from years of ancient Chinese culture, that all combine to create a beautiful wedding day experience for any bride and groom involved in planning either a more traditional Chinese wedding ceremony or a modern day Chinese wedding celebration.

Following the traditions of ancient culture, Chinese weddings involve numerous symbolic preparations and rituals that are evident even in modern day Chinese wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

"Chinese inspired Bridal Bouquet"

A gorgeous cluster of pink and red Peonies, Phaleanopsis Orchids, Garden Roses and Beargrass

In Chinese traditions, flower and floral arrangements are symbols of happiness, joy , life and fertility, which are all desired attributes in a Chinese wedding and marriage.  The symbolism of red in Chinese culture is powerful, joyous and deep, so adding as many red flowers to the floral decorations of a Chines wedding is important.  The only white-colored flowers that are accepted for use in Chinese wedding bouquets are white roses, so long as they are tied together with red or other colored ribbons or silks.  Any other types of white flower are considered symbols of death, so white flowers other than roses must not be used.  Other popular flowers include; peonies, which are symbols of renewed life; lotuses, which are symbols of the four virtues in the Buddhist religion.  Such virtues being  scent, purity, softness and loveliness; daffodils, which symbolize change an renewed life  and orchids, which are the most popular flowers used in Chinese wedding bouquets and other decorations, as they are the symbols of love and fertility.

Remembering departed ancestors and respecting the elders and family members of the bride and groom are essential elements in a Chinese wedding ceremony. More importantly, Chinese weddings are a bigger symbolism of the joining of the two families, rather than the joining of bride and groom alone. To honor this, most Chinese weddings feature a table or an altar decorated with white flowers to symbolize the passing of departed ancestors. In the alternative, two altars can be placed in front of the bride and groom, and following the exchanging of their vows, the couple kneels at these two altars to join them together. After this display of union, family members of the newly joined couple may kneel along with the bride and groom as a symbol of a larger unity and joining of the two families.


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Winter Wonderland at the Bridal Extravaganza September 2010

With all of the splendor and anticipation, the past weekends Bridal Extravaganza was a complete success!  We here at Blossom’s decided that we would not take any wedding the Saturday before the event, so we would have ample energy and spunk to create stunning works of art to showcase!  I spoke with many of you who are looking for floral that is unique and fresh and I enjoyed hearing all about everyones vision for their special day!  Tons of great ideas out there for sure!

So many of you asked for photos of the bouquets and table set up that we showcased, so I though it prudent to write a Blog post and include them here!

White Manzanta tree decorated with crystals

White manzanita tree adorned with crystals

This classic bouquet is a favorite with winter Brides.  A combination of red “Freedom” Roses, burgundy “Black Magic” Roses and “Claret” Spray Roses, clutched together and wrapped with satin ribbon is simple and elegant.  We used swarovski crystal accents to create the feel of “ice” in the heads of the roses and on the handle.

David Austin Garden Roses

Gorgeous Garden Roses accented with variegated Pittosporum

This bouquet was one of my favorites!  It has a very Christmas time feel.  I created it by starting with gorgeous David Austin Garden Roses in ivory, Red “Freedom” Roses and variegated Pittosporum greenery to give it that fresh garden picked feel.  The variegated greenery gives the bouqeut texture and interest.  You could modify this design to be more “Christmassy” by incorporating seasonal greenery such as Cedar, and holly.

White Hydrangea, cream Roses, Freesia and seeded eucalyptus

Winter White Bouquet

Classic white bouquet can not only be used for a winter wedding, but is a great choice any time of the year.  We started with white Hydrangea, and tucked in some “Vendella” roses, Rannuncullus, Greesia and finished it off with some silvery seeded eucalyptus.  I love the texture and bounce the seeded Euc. creates.

Hydrangea bouquet

Blue Hydrangea, garden roses, spider mums and babies breath

What is a winter wonderland without a blue and white winter bouquet?  We finished off this bouquet with a simple ribbon wrap in white satin, and painstakingly attached swarovski crystal swirls on the handle for that finished look.

Mini Call bouquet

Picasso Mini Calla Bouquet

It always amazes me how this simple cluster of “Picasso” Mini Calla lilies ends up being one of the favorite bouquets at the shows.  The bi-colored blossoms are deep purple in the center surrounded with ivory edges.  We decided to let the flowers to be star of this bouquet and wrapped the handle with slate gray ribbon.

Purple and blue bridal bouquet

Royal bouquet for a Princess Bride

This bouquet would be perfect for a Ball Room Princess to carry on her most important day!  Use the Picasso mini calla bouquet for your bridesmaids, and the picture is complete.

There are many more photos from the Bridal Show, so if you don’t see what you were interested in here, please feel free to email me and I will send it to you!  blossom@blossomstx.com  Have a wonderful week!

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Blossom’s First DIY Bride

Donya, our Bride along with  her friends and family had a great time in the studio designing  centerpieces for her Wedding with a little help from Blossom.  Creamy white Carnations, and green “Kermit” poms were used in abundance to create the 18 wreaths for the guest tables.  The “Do it Yourself” concept allows a bride to come into the studio and design her own floral with help and is budget friendly.

DIY party

Once the centerpieces are completed, Donya had the option to take them home with her and place them on the tables herself, or store them in our large walk in floral cooler.  She chose to store them in the chilly environment and have us deliver them to her ceremony and reception site.  Here they are sitting pretty and waiting for their final destination.

Carnation and pom cernterpieces in the cooler waiting for the big day.

The  reception was held at The Mansion at Judges Hill.  We have had the joy of working with the awesome staff at the Mansion and are always excited at another chance.   The tables looked exquisite with navy blue and lime green table runners.  The Carnation and pom wreaths were placed around tall colored glass bottle vases that were adorned with silver beaded sprays jetting from the tops.  These were fun and economical centerpieces that looked far more costly than they were!

Festive DIY centerpieces!

The team made 18 wreaths at the DIY party, and when we were setting the tables, there were only 17… What to do with the last one?  Celia, a Blossom’s floral Designer,  came up with the fantastic idea to suspend the last arrangement around the squatty sweetheart tables vases for a unique twist on the design.  Way to get creative!

Cute squatty centerpiece

I have seen many candy bars in my days, but I liked this one so much, I had to share it with you.  The apothocary jars were filled with lime green and navy blue candies of all sorts.  Before we called it done and left the Mansion, Celia and I decided to help the family of the Bride finish up the presentation.  I think we ended up with a sugar rush!

Candy Bar

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Stacey’s Wedding

Blossom’s was honored  to be a part of Stacey’s wedding this weekend at Green Pastures. The day was beautiful and sunny, perfect for the ceremony which was held in an outdoor gazebo and looked stunning surrounded by white chairs.  The brick isle had a  heart and scroll shaped design of pale pink and ivory Rose petals. The brides bouquet was a mixture of pale pink spray roses, freesia and blush pink Peonies. The same flowers were carried over into the centerpieces with pink Hydrangea and babies breath added to the exquisite silver bowls. The head table was designed with a vase surrounded by pale pink Roses and pink Hydrangea waiting to receive the brides bouquet which was designed by her Grandmother .

heart shaped rose petals

Ceremony Gazebo

Vase ready to receive brides bouquet

Pink Roses and Hydrangea Centerpieces

Albino peacock

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Beautiful Weekend Weddings

We had two extraordinary weddings this weekend even with the cloudy weather.  On Friday Angela walked down the aisle of Villa Antonia. The bride originally planned to hold her ceremony outside but moved to the beautiful interior of the Villa. A single iron cross which was rented from Macino iron works stood at the front of the aisle adorned with rich red flowers including Roses,Dahlia and Cascading ivy. The isle was lined with red rose petals and the contrast to the white interior of the Villa was striking.

Aisle lined with red Rose petals

Iron cross adorned with red Roses,Dahlia and cascading Ivy

Colorful centerpieces

On Sunday Casey was married at the Zilker Park Clubhouse over looking Lady Bird Lake and the beautiful skyline of Austin.The rustic open air club house was tented to protect from rain. The flowers chosen by the bride had a colorful wild flower feel and included Purple Iris, fresh lavender and bright yellow  Asiatic lilies.A mixture of candles and iron were used giving a rustic yet romantic feel to the beautiful setting.

The brides bouquet

Candels and Iron

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Lyndsay and Kyle, Hamilton 12 October 10

Lyndsay came to meet me at the June Bridal Extravaganza.  Having a very solid idea of exactly what she wanted for flowers made our connection light and easy going.  She loved to coordinate purple and lavender with some white foundation for her bouquet.  The Bridesmaids (not pictured here) carried bouquets of all lavendar and purple tones.  Hot pink was brought in with the house parties posies of Gerber daisies that were elegently wrapped up with black satin ribbons.

Lyndsay and her Father approaching the altar

She has the sweetest spirit!

Lyndsays bouquet was an inspiration including; a base of hydrangea, Escimo Roses, Picasso Mini Calla lilies, Lavender Gem mini Calla lilies, and swooping lily grass loops.

Lyndsay's Bridal Bouquet

Gorgeous accents of lavender

Lysnday custom ordered her aisle runner from an independent supplier, and we adorned the sides with piles of white hot pink and lavender rose petals.

Their names and the Date were in the center!

Unique wedding runner

Here is the happy couple!



The altar was adorned with rustic wrought iron candelabra from Mancino Iron Works.

Thank you goes out to a fabulous Photojournalistic Photographer Rebel With A Camera.

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Trends for 2010

All the talk lately has been that of how the economy is going to effect the Wedding trends for 2010. Before you jump to conclusions about how drab and cheap weddings will become, know that money is certainly not the only influence on style, fashion, or tradition. In fact, couples are getting more creative and feel more freedom to make unique choices.

One of the hottest trends in he coming year will be backyard weddings. Although hosting a wedding in your back yard may not necessarily be cheaper, it is more personal and allows you to have a more intimate affair. A backyard event not only helps to put your guests at ease, but also allows you to make more casual, less expensive choices elsewhere. For example, a barbeque picnic feels more appropriate at home than it would at a country club.

Homemade Wedding Favors

When times are tight, come together as a group and knock out some crafty hand made favors for your guests.   What a great way to thank your guests for coming, and send them home with a little piece of you.

Birdcage Veils

These vintage-look veils combine a jeweled clip or feathered headpiece with netting that only covers the face. Wearing one allows you to have some dramatic glamor and feel like a bride, but is a more fun look and less hassling than a long traditional veil.

Trends for 2010

Trends for 2010

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

For several years, brides have been selecting a bridesmaid dress designer and a fabric, then letting their bridesmaids choose the style that works best for their bodies. But the 2010 wedding trend takes idea further. Choose only a color, then let your bridesmaids find an off-the-rack dress of any designer that they like. Not only does this take some pressure off of you, but it also ensures that women are choosing a dress they like and they’ll be likely to actually wear again. If you follow this trend, be sure to tell your bridesmaids how formal the dress should be – you don’t want one bridesmaid wearing a casual sundress while another has on a beaded evening gown.

Trends for 2010 - Mismatched bridesmaids

Trends for 2010 - Mismatched bridesmaids

Strapless Wedding Dresses

If you’re saying to yourself, “This isn’t a new 2010 wedding trend!” you’re right. Strapless dresses have been extremely popular for several years now. And though more brides are opting for sleeves, straps, and other ways of covering the shoulders, strapless is going to continue to be the dominant style for the near future.

Strapless bridal gown with an unexpected feather wrap

Strapless bridal gown with an unexpected feather wrap

Wedding Flowers

As for flowers, the rose and calla lily never go out of style, and flowers are another way you can throw a splash of colour into your bridal party. Don’t be afraid to take chances and select flowers that break with tradition too – different flowers than roses and lilies, like daisies, orchids, tulips – even try sunflowers for a late Summer or Fall wedding. Due to all the excitement with the colourful dresses this year, either play up the dresses and include exotic and vivacious flowers – or be a minimalist and play up the dresses by downplaying the flowers, keeping your bouquets and arrangements fresh and simple.

Strapless dresses with trendy flowers are all the rage for 2010

Strapless dresses with trendy flowers are all the rage for 2010

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