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Chinese Flower Meanings

Chinese wedding flower traditions

Chinese weddings involve many symbolic acts, decorations and events, revolved from years of ancient Chinese culture, that all combine to create a beautiful wedding day experience for any bride and groom involved in planning either a more traditional Chinese wedding ceremony or a modern day Chinese wedding celebration.

Following the traditions of ancient culture, Chinese weddings involve numerous symbolic preparations and rituals that are evident even in modern day Chinese wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

"Chinese inspired Bridal Bouquet"

A gorgeous cluster of pink and red Peonies, Phaleanopsis Orchids, Garden Roses and Beargrass

In Chinese traditions, flower and floral arrangements are symbols of happiness, joy , life and fertility, which are all desired attributes in a Chinese wedding and marriage.  The symbolism of red in Chinese culture is powerful, joyous and deep, so adding as many red flowers to the floral decorations of a Chines wedding is important.  The only white-colored flowers that are accepted for use in Chinese wedding bouquets are white roses, so long as they are tied together with red or other colored ribbons or silks.  Any other types of white flower are considered symbols of death, so white flowers other than roses must not be used.  Other popular flowers include; peonies, which are symbols of renewed life; lotuses, which are symbols of the four virtues in the Buddhist religion.  Such virtues being  scent, purity, softness and loveliness; daffodils, which symbolize change an renewed life  and orchids, which are the most popular flowers used in Chinese wedding bouquets and other decorations, as they are the symbols of love and fertility.

Remembering departed ancestors and respecting the elders and family members of the bride and groom are essential elements in a Chinese wedding ceremony. More importantly, Chinese weddings are a bigger symbolism of the joining of the two families, rather than the joining of bride and groom alone. To honor this, most Chinese weddings feature a table or an altar decorated with white flowers to symbolize the passing of departed ancestors. In the alternative, two altars can be placed in front of the bride and groom, and following the exchanging of their vows, the couple kneels at these two altars to join them together. After this display of union, family members of the newly joined couple may kneel along with the bride and groom as a symbol of a larger unity and joining of the two families.


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Blossom’s First DIY Bride

Donya, our Bride along with  her friends and family had a great time in the studio designing  centerpieces for her Wedding with a little help from Blossom.  Creamy white Carnations, and green “Kermit” poms were used in abundance to create the 18 wreaths for the guest tables.  The “Do it Yourself” concept allows a bride to come into the studio and design her own floral with help and is budget friendly.

DIY party

Once the centerpieces are completed, Donya had the option to take them home with her and place them on the tables herself, or store them in our large walk in floral cooler.  She chose to store them in the chilly environment and have us deliver them to her ceremony and reception site.  Here they are sitting pretty and waiting for their final destination.

Carnation and pom cernterpieces in the cooler waiting for the big day.

The  reception was held at The Mansion at Judges Hill.  We have had the joy of working with the awesome staff at the Mansion and are always excited at another chance.   The tables looked exquisite with navy blue and lime green table runners.  The Carnation and pom wreaths were placed around tall colored glass bottle vases that were adorned with silver beaded sprays jetting from the tops.  These were fun and economical centerpieces that looked far more costly than they were!

Festive DIY centerpieces!

The team made 18 wreaths at the DIY party, and when we were setting the tables, there were only 17… What to do with the last one?  Celia, a Blossom’s floral Designer,  came up with the fantastic idea to suspend the last arrangement around the squatty sweetheart tables vases for a unique twist on the design.  Way to get creative!

Cute squatty centerpiece

I have seen many candy bars in my days, but I liked this one so much, I had to share it with you.  The apothocary jars were filled with lime green and navy blue candies of all sorts.  Before we called it done and left the Mansion, Celia and I decided to help the family of the Bride finish up the presentation.  I think we ended up with a sugar rush!

Candy Bar

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Lyndsay and Kyle, Hamilton 12 October 10

Lyndsay came to meet me at the June Bridal Extravaganza.  Having a very solid idea of exactly what she wanted for flowers made our connection light and easy going.  She loved to coordinate purple and lavender with some white foundation for her bouquet.  The Bridesmaids (not pictured here) carried bouquets of all lavendar and purple tones.  Hot pink was brought in with the house parties posies of Gerber daisies that were elegently wrapped up with black satin ribbons.

Lyndsay and her Father approaching the altar

She has the sweetest spirit!

Lyndsays bouquet was an inspiration including; a base of hydrangea, Escimo Roses, Picasso Mini Calla lilies, Lavender Gem mini Calla lilies, and swooping lily grass loops.

Lyndsay's Bridal Bouquet

Gorgeous accents of lavender

Lysnday custom ordered her aisle runner from an independent supplier, and we adorned the sides with piles of white hot pink and lavender rose petals.

Their names and the Date were in the center!

Unique wedding runner

Here is the happy couple!



The altar was adorned with rustic wrought iron candelabra from Mancino Iron Works.

Thank you goes out to a fabulous Photojournalistic Photographer Rebel With A Camera.

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It has been a while and there is alot to share!

It has been a while since I last sat down and blogged, and I find that when I do not do it, I think about doing it all day long. This is why I am going to purpose to keep you all more updated here than I recently have. Busy or not, this is my passion and Ihave to make the time to just jot down a few little thoughts and keep you all reading when you should be working! 🙂

There have been many wonderful events and developments happening here at Blossom’s so if you need to, grab a cup of joe or tea, this is going to be a long one!

Progress on the Studio Remodel
After many hours of back cracking work, the peel and stick floor tiles have been removed. The concrete has been sanded and resurfaced and the floor is now sporting it trendy new Humboldt Earth brown skin. Our original thought was to resurface the floor and stain the concrete much like that of many event venues around town. It has a wonderful marble feel to it and it incredibly resistant to stain and wear and tear. Once we realized that the builder of the space we call our studio, used construction adhesive to apply those little stubborn floor tiles, and that the removal of them left the bare concrete in such disrepair, the cost and effort far outweighed the potential enhancement. I am a compromising gal, and having some interior design expertise, decided to go with a concrete paint with some grit added for anti slip. Michael was skeptical of the color choice at first, wondering if the dark brown earth tone would be too much and darken the space. Once the floor was painted and the grit was broadcast we dusted off our hands and walked away. I was secretly very pleased with the outcome and wanted to give it some time to cure before I explored Michaels attitude on it.

Sunday morning came and after a nice breakfast with the kids, we journeyed back out to the Studio, with coffe cups in hand and revealed the fruit of our labors. Not bad!

"Humboldt Earth" Concrete paint

"Humboldt Earth" Concrete paint

After the floor was completed and dried the necessary time, it was time to reconstruct the room. After all, a floral studio is going to need all of the necessary structure to create those beautiful florals that you are all looking for! We reconnected our new stainless steel, three weel sink and hot water heater. Next we placed the stainless steel floral processing table and the cabinets and countertops. All that was left was to bring in all of the boxes that carefully contained all of the paint, tape, wire, tools, glass and accessories!

It looks pretty empty down there, but that is where they are going to cut a hole in the wall for the walk in cooler!

It looks pretty empty down there, but that is where they are going to cut a hole in the wall for the walk in cooler!

The curtained off area was just a ordinary closet when we started. No shelves and a huge pile of “stuff” just shoved in there in no particular order. Now it is an incredibly functional space for storing vases, and supplies out of the dusty design space.

Once a dark hole, now a functional storage area with style

Once a dark hole, now a functional storage area with style

Just a little glimpse of the shelves and their contents

Just a little glimpse of the shelves and their contents

We have been struggling with a solution for storing all of the ribbon rolls that I have collected over the years, and while Michael was doing some research, we found the perfect solution. We still need to complete the finishing touches on the ribbon holder, so I am not going to share pictures of it just yet. I am totally in love with this solution. I just hope that it doesn’t inspire me to want to purchase more ribbon! Once it is done, I will be sure to get it up!

All that is left is to purchase a few more work stationtions for the side wall and the center of the room. We need space for people to work on wedding and event designs, as well as room for clients when they come in for a planned “Blossoming Design Session” If you don’t know what that is, be sure to email me for more information. Blossom@blossomstx.com

The studio bath room is just about done, all that I have to complete is finding the perfect frames to hang some of our floral photographs on the walls in that space. We have replaced the mirror, updated the light fixtures, painted the ceiling and walls, new towel rod and accessories. I even created a flowering tree for the corner of the room to create a little drama!

I have to travel the city today to purchase the final items for the studio today, including the workstations, casters, picture frames and stools. Hopefully I can find everything I need without too much running around! I would really like to get a pedicure!

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