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Bridal Show Advice for the Bride

‘Tis the season again, bridal season that is! As we approach next weekend’s highly anticipated Austin Bridal Extravaganza I wanted to give some bridal show browsing tips.  I recently attended a show with my newly engaged daughter and being that is way  my first show as a participant, browsing was a whole different ballpark!   I have observed many brides who were overwhelmed, but never quite experienced that myself until this visit.   Even though I am very familiar with the bridal world, and what information she needed, I still had no clue where to start. There were pile of people trying get to each booth.  Trying to successfully grab a business card you are sucked in to filling some door prize out, or setting up appointments and even listening to spiels from the vendors.  Don’t get me wrong, these prizes can be great and what they say could make or break booking that vendor. Follow these tips, not only from a wedding vendor but a Mother of the Bride’s perspective!

1.       Register online before you go, earlier the better. This skips you waiting in line to fill our paperwork at the door.

2.     Bring an appointment book, many vendors offer coupons or discounts if you book an appointment that day.

3.       Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, don’t bring the cute heels for this event, it is a large ballroom filled with people. Leave your coat in the car or check it at the hotel, what is worse than handling a huge purse, bag filled with goodies (Trust me we left with 4 bags filled with flyers, goodies and cards) and then also lugging around a coat.

4.       Leave the family at home, the little ones that is. There is nothing worse than trying to get to a crowded booth or through the isle than being blocked by a huge stroller.

5.      Print out address labels on sticker paper with your name, address, email, phone, and wedding date. This way you and your bridesmaids won’t spend 5 minutes at every booth entering for door prizes, or writing your contact information out for those vendors that you would like to contact you after the show.

6.       Keep a pen in your pocket easy reachable. When you taste the most amazing cake or see the most gorgeous gown in a catalog, write a star or quick note on their business card.  This way when you get home and empty your bags out you remember which stores you want to visit.

7.       Look first for vendors handing out bags, start there this way you can fill them up and not be stuck hands full of paper. Go around to all booths even if you think you know who you are booking for that category still grab business cards or flyers in case something happens like that vendor isn’t available for your date.

8. Enjoy the day.  How many times in your life will you plan your wedding.

These tips hopefully will help you feel less overwhelmed. Bridal shows are extremely informative and we vendors have a ton of knowledge to help you!   Go slow and keep your cool, talk to vendors even if there is a wait to reach their booth, you never know what help they may end up being.


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Recent Open House Participation

Delores Crum of Premier Party Central asked us to create a signature piece for the Grand Re-Opening of the newly remodeled north location showroom.  We work with Dee, Kristi, and Diane very often so there was no way we could turn them down!  Here is a few shots of our inspiration and arrangement.

Ivory David Austin Garden Roses and lavender "Blue Curiosa" Roses were the focal flowers

Yellow daffodil were the perfect accents

Drama was created using very tall Forsithia branches

I really enjoyed my time there meeting other professionals and Brides.  Congratulations Dee!

One World Theatre

The second event that we participated in making a success was the April Design trends meeting at One World Theatre.  There were four seasons featured on the Good Life Tables offered by Liv by Design’s owner Olivia Sharrat, but this one was our favorite.

This design was created to be a playfull addition to a summer table.  With a foundation of sea foam blue linen, the choices for flowers needed to pop against the background.  We chose enormous Sunflowers, bright orange Dahlia, hypericum berreis, Gerbera Daisies, Rannuncullus and Tulips to create this trio.

Until next time

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Mona and Joe

Mona and Joe were wed at Duchman Family Winery located in Driftwood Texas.  Mona fell in love with the “Picasso” Mini calla lilies and wanted nothing else.  The wedding was an intimate gathering of friends and family with floral accents to embellish the royal attire of her Bridal Party.  Here are a few images provided by our friends over at Rebel with a Camera!

Mona was so gorgeous on her wedding day

Mona and her gorgeous bouquet

Another angle

She must be looking at Joe!

Bridal Bouquet of picasso mini calla lilies

Mona's bouquet was cuffed with white ostritch feathers

Ceremony set up

View from the walkway entrance at the Winery

They Did it!!

They are a wonderful couple and I was honored to spend somet ime in their lives.  Be sure to check out our friends at Duchman Winery, and Rebel with a Camera Photographers.

Until Next time,

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“The Perfect Pear”

Rebeccca and Jason were wed at a family friends Victorian style cottage.  The level of detail they poured into their wedding day makes it my all time favorite.  Everything from the invitations down to the wrap on the handle of her bouquet were coordinated and evoked the fresh, fun vibe of the blissful couple.  I do not usually post photos from an event that do not showcase the florals, however this wedding was so full of detail it is worth the extra work to include more than just the products I provided!  Special thank you to AJH Photography.

Pears were everywhere!  It was a constant reminder that Rebecca and Jason are the "Perfect Pear"

The Perfect Pear

Vineyard tables adorned with  clusters of several floral and candle displays

Garden Rose centerpeices traveled down each table

Chair markers, pennants and milk glass tied the theme with perfection

Integrating custom elements of note cards, pennants and the like were flawless

David Austin Garden Roses, mixed with viburnum and hypericum were all drawn up with a mint green grosgrain ribbon

Rebecca's bouquet

Pink Hair decorations

I loved the detailed hair peices! How unique!

So fun and sassy!

Rebecca and her Bridesmaids look like they were having so much fun!

Standing Tall

These gentlemen really played the part in support of their friends!

Jason looks ready

Where is my Bride?

Groom wears a pink Hat

How many men do we know that would enjoy wearing a bright pink fedorah?

They are One!

Now they are Man and Wife!

"I Do"

"The Kiss'


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Fall Inspired Bouquet Fashion

Being that it is Thursday and I am sitting here blogging probably means that I have a pretty low key week ahead of me.  A nice break to start the crazy fall season off with I might add.  Our neighborhood is hosting its annual October “Fly In” Picnic, and I have been busy making cookies and preparing for the festivities that brings.   I really need to try some of the photos techniques that my friend Randy talks about and see how the pictures come out.

On another note, flowers for the fall are starting to emerge in the nurseries, and the weather has turned crisp and delightful.  I am thoroughly enjoying all of the tiny yellow clover that are blooming in our yard.  Some say it is a weed, but the gorgeous yellow blanket is soft and the birds really seem to be enjoying them.

It is true that using floral that is blooming in the fall is a great way to keep the cost of your wedding flowers under control, but have you thought of other ways to incorporate elements of the fall in your arrangements that are not floral? Elements such as acorns, dried pepperberries, chinese lanterns and bark covered branches are just a few. Using assorted greenery that is abundant in the fall is a sure fire way to evoke the feel of fall and control you overall cost.  This dainty teardrop bouquet consists of some bridal favotires like mini calla lilies and Cymbidium Orchids, along with seasonal Hypericum berries, pepper berry, dahlia and greenery.


Mini Calla Cymbidium ORchids, hanging amaranthus and assorted fall greenery Bridal Bouquet

Mini Calla Cymbidium ORchids, hanging amaranthus and assorted fall greenery Bridal Bouquet

It is possible to stick with a white toned bouqeut and still evoke the essence of fall.  The bouquet pictured below conisits of white Dahlia, Freesia, Lissianthus, green Hypericum Berries, Brunia Berries, spiraled Fiddle head fern, Pheasant feathers and accents of Lambs Ear and Pittosporum.   Wrap the handle with a coordinating color to accent your wedding, and you are traditional and seasonal at the same time.

White Bridal Bouquet Fall

All white Bridal Bouquet with fall accents

One of my favorite techniques this year is the incorporation of feathers in bouquets.  This last bouquet using succulent dark brown Cymbidium Orchids and velvet red Freedom Roses as a focal, and accents on the details create the festive fall vibe.Wrap the handle with baroque ribbon and adorn with gold toned beads and an heirloom brooch to finish off the  look.

Cymbidium Orchids Red Roses and feathers

Cymbidium Orchid Red Roses and Feather Bridal Bouquet

It is time for me to get out to the studio, and see what work needs to be done to prepare for the weddings this weekend.  Until next time, enjoy this crisp weather and happy planning!


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Petal Talk Flower Trends for 2011

Wedding flower color trends for 2011 are primarily going to be earthy tones with accents of contrasting embellishments.   Shades of champagne, blush, apricot, and butter-cream will intertwine for romantic-vintage style wedding.  Natural embellishments such as champagne ostrich feather or white stones create an earthy appeal to the decor.  By adding simple adornments of antique lace sashes around the vases, or wrapping the bouquet with an elegant brocade ribbon will add the finishing touch for a vintage look.

Cream Roses, spray roses, ostrich feather and a brocade wrapped handle make for a very vintage looking bridal bouquet.

Vintage Bridal Bouquet

Another rising beautiful color palette is celadon, lilac, and slate.  Flowers that are naturally celadon are chestnuts, hydrangeas, lady’s mantle, lady slipper orchids, roses, hypericum berries and greenery to name a few.  Lilac is a soft purple tone that gives earthiness and color to the designs.  Creating softness against the lighter celadon blooms.  Slate adornments that create a misty look are incorporated for a refreshing feel.

Celadon and lilac bridesmaids bouquet

Celadon and lilac bridesmaids bouquet

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Erin’s Green Affair at Spicewood Vineyards

Erin and I met at one of the wonderful “Weddings Unveiled Austin” Bridal Showcases that was held at the Palm Door in downtown Austin about a year ago.  Her style was sheek with a very natural European flair.  We really enjoyed creating her floral after planning for such a long time.  It was awesome to see all of her vision come to light.

Erin chose a garden full of floral for her bouquets and table centerpieces.   Her Bridal bouquet was the first item we created using; David Austin garden roses, Tiny succulent plants, Escimo Roses, Peonies, Hydrangea, Belles of Ireland amongst a myriad of others.

White and Green Bridal Bouquet

Erin's Bridal had so many differnt flowers and cute little succullents

White and green Bridal

The handle on Eriin's bouqet was simply wrapped with ivory satin ribbon. When we arrived at the church, we also wrapped it with a hankercheif that belonged to her mother, and a locket that was her father in laws.

Erin didn’t want to deviate from her boquet style too much for her bridesmaids, so we simply included a few lavender “Cool Water” roses into them for a splash of color.

Lavender Cool Water Roses

These were very fragrant and perfect

Lavender white and green bouqeut

Bridesmaids bouquets

Erin’s wedding was held at the gorgeous Queen of Angels chapel in Spicewood Tx.  Erin wanted the church to look lush and festive, while not being to overbearing and stuffy.  We created urn arrangements in the pave style that were set on top of altar tables at the back of the church.  After the ceremony was over, Erin’s family removed theses arrangements for use on the bar at Spicewood Vineyards.

Church decor

Classic stone urns were adorned with a pave of white and green garden style floral

Here is a shot that I captured of the altar area.  Although the church was very far off the beaten path, I believe it is a hidden treasure!  What a jewel.

Queen of Angels Catholic

Gorgeous natural light and fantastic decor in the Queen of Angels Chapel

When I was researching to create the right look for the pews, I found this wonderful 4″ double faced satin ribbon in moss.  Although it was a bit pricier than I was used to spending, it was so worth the end result.

4" moss green ribbon

I couldn't wait to get this ribbon tied and onto the pew arrangments.

Pew arrangements

Hydrangea and garden roses were tied onto the pews with 4" moss green ribbon for a lush garden feel to the aisle.

Once the wedding was completed, the party began.  Spicewood Vineyard was only a short drive from the church.  Anna, the coordinator at the vineyard is a detail oriented organizer.  She doesn’t miss a beat on reception day!.   As the guests entered the event center, there was a table that was covered with moss, and rocks.  The idea is that each guest would write a wish on the rocks and Erin would have them as a momento from the wedding to cherish.   We accented the rocks with open floral heads, little succulents in galvanized metal pots and votive candles.

Guest book design

Sign the rock guest book table

Guest book sentiment

Guest book table instructions

The table designs were three different looks.  First we designed a cluster style arrangement of vases that were wrapped with birch paper and green raffia.  Each vase had a single type of flower and they were arranged around an empty vase in the center that was a bit taller than the surrounding vases.  The center one was for the bridesmaids to place their bouquets into once they arrived at the reception hall.  These were surrounded with votive candles for accent.

Cluster design centerpeice

Clusters of vases with hydrangea, hypericum berries and stock.

The second design was a white milk glass container filled with a pave design of garden style floral.  These were also surrounded with votives.  I love the dusty miller and open roses they are very soft and fragrant.

Milk glass urn

Urn style centerpeice

The final arrangements were our favorites here at Blossom’s.  We started with 30″ tall cylendar vases that had a base of moss and rock inside the vase.  Then we placed a curly willow branch or two that had white Dendrobium Orchids attached to the stems to make them appear to be flowering branches.  On top of the tall vase we placed a pave of  Hydrangea, garden roses, hypericum berries, freesia, stock, Brunia Berries and filler flowers.  The bases of these arrangements were surrounded with potted succullents in galvanized metal pots as well as votive candles.

Tall Centerpeice

These were our favorite centerpeices

Succullents and votives

I just loved the little succullents! They are so cute!

The finished room

I loved the room when it was finished!

Well, there you have it!  I know it was a long post, but thanks for sticking with me!  Well worth the time!  See you all back here really soon!

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